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Welcome to Elite Canes And Browbands Australia

As the name suggests...ELITE

When style, quality and class leading design matter

invest in an Elite browband, cane or whip.

All products are hand made by me personally to exacting standards.

Canes are beautifully balanced to sit over your thigh effortlessly.

Browbands are made to last using the highest quality glues, threads and

materials and hand stitched rosettes and trims. Prices reflect the quality

and time taken to create each piece.

With a complete browband and cane design service you will be nothing short

of thrilled with your finished product.

Browse my product gallery for 100's of examples of browbands,

canes and matching Sets

Elite is not afraid to think outside the square

with often surprisingly beautiful results!!

Unique and exclusive to Elite my Tribute canes are a special way to cherish and keep your special horse close to you forever.

With a stunning image transfer handle featuring your horse, living or deceased, on any whip or cane. Endless options available.

Visit my Facebook page to keep informed of new

products, sales and giveaways, click link to right....

Over the phone & email credit card facilities are available for your convenience.

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