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Conditions and Terms of Sale

1. It is a condition of sale that all retail products are now paid for in full prior to Production commencing. On occasion I will negotiate this clause if circumstances permit.

2. All of Elite's Canes carry a full replacement warranty, limited to Faulty Workmanship. Warranty does not cover damage due to neglect or misuse. Elite's Bamboo Canes are sold as Show Canes and will not withstand treatment of synthetic whips. Selected Canes will be sold as crops if they are built with steel reinforcement.

3. Bamboo is a product of nature and is subject to variations in colour, finish and straightness. While all Bamboo is hand selected for consistency and appearance it is not always possible to choose perfectly straight and even textured Bamboo. If a perfectly straight cane is required it is recommended you choose a leather wrap synthetic cane.

4. It must be acknowledged that Rhinestone handle canes can snag manes, jodhpurs and gloves if they should come into contact, warranty not does cover rhinestones becoming dislodged due to snagging.

5. Crystal, Glass and Sphere Tops are Delicate, These tops are to be purchased at your own risk as Elite Canes will not be held responsible for lost or broken tops. If they are dropped or left for horse to eat they will Break. I recommend purchasing a cane cover to hang your cane with your riding outfit. Always return cane to bag after use.

6. All items bought using LayBy must be finalised within 8 Weeks of order. Lay By Terms are 20% deposit with regular weekly or fortnightly payments.

7. Elite's Browbands also carry a full replacement Warranty, limited to faulty workmanship. Warranty does not cover damage due to neglect or misuse. I recommend Scotch Guarding your new browband at your own risk, it is wise to carry out a colourfast test in an inconspicuous place first. Do not allow your horse to rub on anything while wearing his browband as he will most likely damage it.

8. As all computer screens vary I will not be held responsible for the ordering of incorrect colours. Colour names and ribbon colours also vary from supplier to supplier. If in doubt I can forward a colour sample at your expense.

9. Ordered items unpaid for after 14 days from time of order will be treated as cancelled orders and listed for sale to general Public.

10. I choose to post all items using express post as this gets items to you in fastest possible time and gives me a tracking number to trace item if it does not arrive.

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