Elite Canes & Browbands

Royal Quality Show Canes, Browbands and Whips

                               Fox Head Canes

Available in polished brass or plated with chrome to prevent tarnishing.


Available on or off the pedestal base


Without pedestal base these are a perfect size for children.



On Regular Bamboo Smooth or Full rippled $88



On Buddah Grip Handle Bamboo $ 99


On Full Leather Wrap Cane $126.50


On full leather wrap with Wooden bead detail $132



On full leather wrap with rhinestone Handle and intricate leather detail


And the All new Plaited Shaft option!!




 Also Fully Plaited

$198 Plus Post


 Plaited Handle, Wrapped Shaft and Large Ferrule



Fully Plaited Whip With Ornate Ferrule




See Product Gallery for more design ideas...



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