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Prague Collection

Elite Canes and Browbands

has great pleasure in introducing the all new and exclusive

Prague Collection of antique, limited edition canes and whips.

My new range will consist of original, one off, antique handles

fitted on individually designed Elite Canes to compliment each handle.

These are not made to order as I can not get the same handle twice,

but will be advertised as they are created and as pictured.

As they are made using antiques dating back to the late 1800' and made of

Gold, Gilded Brass and Sterling silver, they're not within everyone's reach.

But for a one off, original cane, that you will want to keep forever, I know

some of you will just have to have one of these.

Also as they are Antiques they are not perfect and will have imperfections and some even have initials monogrammed on them, but it only adds to the character and authenticity of each piece.

Canes will be listed here, on Facebook & the In stock Canes page as they are designed


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