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Elite Canes & Browbands

Royal Quality Show Canes, Browbands and Whips

Virtual Browbands - try before you buy!!!!

Exciting new service introduced by Elite!!!!

Are you having trouble deciding which Elite Browband to buy or what

colour will suit your horse???

Now you can take the guess work out by purchasing a

"Virtual Browband".

Send me a photo of your horse with a profile similar to photo below

The angle is important as most of my browband images are taken side on.

Photos may be a full body shot as I will crop and zoom in on head and

I will super impose up to 3 designs onto your horse for you to visualize

before making your decision.

The Charge for this Service will be $11 Including GST for up to 3

designs per horse, Accompanied by a $20 deposit on your new browband

payable before photos are edited either by Paypal, Credit Card or

Bank deposit.

I am sorry but my workload is too high to offer this service without assurance it will lead

to the purchase of an Elite Browband. Hence the $20 deposit

Regular customers may have service fee omitted...